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Sunday Slow Flow & Meditation

When: This Sunday, 5-6pm
Where: streamed from my home to yours, via Zoom

This weekend wind-down class invites you to move through a slow Hatha Yoga flow, cultivating strength, balance & focus by combining mindful movement with the power of the breath.
The class will end with guided relaxation and meditation to leave you feeling refreshed & ready for the week ahead.

All abilities are welcome – my aim is to make the class accessible to everyone, so let me know if you have any particular requirements. If you have any concerns, please contact me at

Camera on or off, it’d be great to have you there! x

Price: FREE
Optional donation to the charity of the month.

You can donate via my PayPal pool:

Or if you prefer, give directly to the charity:

Charity of the Month: GiveIndia

We are raising money for GiveIndia, a charity that are working to help patients breathe as they battle COVID.

How do donations help?

Providing oxygen:

  • By setting up oxygen generation plants in hospitals/COVID facility compounds in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Patna. A 5,000-litre capacity plant costs ₹6cr and can support 650 people per day.
  • By providing oxygen concentrators which use oxygen from the air and convert it to medical grade oxygen. A patient in need of a concentrator needs to be on it for 5-7 days. One oxygen concentrator costs ₹55,000.
  • By providing oxygen cylinders that help a person in need of oxygen support for 5-7 days. The B-type (1,500L) oxygen cylinder costs ₹15,000 while the D-type (6,000L) costs ₹25,000.
  • By refilling oxygen cylinders, as manufacture is restricted to certain states and transporting oxygen cylinders from one state to another requires specific vehicles which are not very widely available in the given situation. Refilling A B-type cylinder costs ₹800/refill and D-type costs ₹2,500/refill.

Providing life-saving equipment:

  • By providing Bipaps which are also known as non-invasive ventilation. One Bipap costs approximately ₹60,000.
  • By providing ventilators which are priced at ₹5 lakh per item.


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