Pranayama ~ Ashtanga Yoga

Prana is the vital life force which manifests itself as the breath that sustains the body. Through practicing extension of the breath (ayama) we can calm the nervous system and in turn, the mind, preparing ourselves for meditation, or simply the challenges of everyday life! There are endless healing benefits to be gained from correct and consistent practice of Pranayama, with numerous techniques to follow too.

Meditation Advice from a Buddhist Monk

“Practice all activities from when you wake up until you sleep- talking, walking, eating, everything- with awareness of the mind. The first time is very difficult but when we practice everyday, the mind goes inside. When it stays in the body, the mind is more pure, more bright and can see more.” Luang Pe AkContinue reading “Meditation Advice from a Buddhist Monk”

Types of Meditation

Meditation does not have to mean clearing your mind of all thoughts. There are many other techniques, often involving an object of focus to which you bring all of your attention. The object of focus tends to fall under one of the following categories. BreathObserving your natural pattern of breathing. SensoryExamples include candle gazing (trāṭaka),Continue reading “Types of Meditation”