“Mary is a great teacher, she’s been choosing great flows for beginners and has always focused on keeping our attention on important details, such as breath, stretches of intended body areas, relaxing unused muscles.”

“I loved Mary’s guided meditation videos! Easy to follow whenever and wherever, and useful for beginners who’ve never tried it before! Very calming and relaxing I will definitely be keeping it up in my life now.”

“Her sessions are very beginner friendly and help me to keep calm at the start of the day. Especially when I come into work anxious about all the work I have to do. It’s a relaxing way to start the day and sets the tone for the rest of my time at work.”

“Thank you Mary, your classes are fab and I’d advocate them to anyone”

“The morning sessions put me in the right mindset for the work day, leaving me feeling alert and in my experience increasing productivity”

“The sessions have been a perfect balance between physical exercise and mental zen; Mary is an excellent teacher. The sessions are a great way to start the day and allow me to tackle my work with renewed enthusiamsm and a clearer mind.”

“I really enjoyed it, loved the music used throughout and I’ve felt it was so beneficial! So thank you very much!”

“I had never done yoga before but Mary made the sessions extremely friendly and welcoming. I was surprised afterward how relaxed and rejuvenated I felt. I sat down at my desk with a fresh mindset ready to start the day.”

“The early exercise always makes me more energized during the work day, and the breathing techniques make me more calm during the day when usually I can get quite anxious”

Certified Yoga Instructor in Birmingham

Hi! I’m Mary, a Yoga Alliance 200-hour instructor based in Birmingham.

My Yoga journey began when I was around twelve years old. I practiced meditation as a child too, having grown up with Buddhist influences. For the past ten years I have been practicing a mixture of Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini and hot yoga along with mindfulness meditation.

After completing a degree in computer science and working as a software development engineer in Manchester, I decided that I wanted to pursue a more personally fulfilling career where I could share my passion for Yoga and meditation with others.

I trained as a Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga instructor in Italy with YogaMea School in 2019 and attended further training in Rishikesh, India with Anadi Yoga Centre in 2020. In 2020, I also trained with Central England College and Therapy Centre as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

I have experience teaching public, private and corporate Yoga and mindfulness sessions for varying levels. My class style is generally slower-paced with focus on the breath and introspection. I aim to make movements accessible as to not exclude anyone from the practice as much as possible.

My intention is to invite people to experience the mental and physical benefits of Yoga in a relaxing, non-judgemental environment. This is achieved by combining conscious movement with the power of the breath in order to connect the body and mind.

Get In Touch

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