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Charity of the month: Helen Keller International

Charity of the Month: Helen Keller International

This GiveWell top rated charity (rated for high-impact and cost-effectiveness) deliver life-changing health care to vulnerable families in places where the need is great, but access is limited. Their proven, science-based programs empower people to create opportunities in their own lives.

Helen Keller International supports programs focused on reducing malnutrition and averting blindness and poor vision. The charity provides technical assistance, engages in advocacy, and contributes funding to government-run vitamin A supplementation programs. 

Why Vitamin A Supplementation (VAS)?

There is strong evidence from many randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that vitamin A supplementation (VAS) can substantially reduce child mortality.

  • VAS is a program with a strong evidence base and strong cost-effectiveness.
  • Track record – Helen Keller has experience with supporting VAS programs in a large number of countries.
  • Standout transparency – it has shared significant, detailed information about its programs with us.
  • Room for more funding – we believe that Helen Keller could productively use more funding than it expects to receive to scale up its VAS activities.

How is the money used?

It is estimated that it costs $1.10 to deliver a vitamin A supplement in Helen Keller-supported programs.

Helen Keller-supported VAS campaigns also deliver additional interventions alongside VAS, including deworming, polio vaccination, “mop-up” immunizations (for children who have missed scheduled immunizations), and screening for severe acute malnutrition and moderate acute malnutrition.

83% of every dollar goes directly to programs and so far 110,000,000 people have received essential medication in 21 countries worldwide.


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